Bauteile-Verwaltung part-db

miscellaneous stuff

This website collects information on several of my projects. Most of them are in the wider fields of software and electronics. Most of the pages on this website are in English. Some pages, unfortunately, are in German only.

Diverse online Tools, u.a. für die Berechnung von Spannungsteilern und Auslegung für Spannungsregler LM317.

Material über den Umbau von Laminatoren zur Platinenherstellung.

Die ursprüngliche Website der Internet-basierten Bauteileverwaltung part-db. Dieses Open Source Projekt wird mittlerweile von anderen weitergepflegt, siehe hier.

An online calculator to find the best pair of resistors from the E12/E24/E48/E96 series for a given resistor ratio. Of course, one could also use it for capacitors ...

There are some notes about how I set up a modified Internet router for OpenVPN using the OpenWRT platform.

And finally there is a tutorial about how to generate nice PDF ebooks from scans using only open source tools.